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Official Products

The Shrine of Fatima has been investing in creating a line of official products with quality seal, only available in the Shrine’s physical shops and online. Among them you can find the Official Rosary of the Shrine, Incense, Liturgical Charcoal and Vestments. Free delivery upon purchase.

Replica of the Crucifix of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, with Our Lady of Fatima at her feet. Symbol of veneration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 29 x 39 cm
Overflowing of light, the official rosary of the Shrine os Fatima reminds us all that the Lady more brilliante than the Sun becomes the bearer of the mysteries of Salvation offered for contemplation to the pilgrim humanity, who walks along led by the sign of the cross. Its blue beads, whereby we pray Hail Mary, recall how the Mother of God walks, step by step, as a pilgrim in every episode of Her Son's life. Its golden chain portrays itself as the image of the way of light that transfigures the human being to the image of the Creator. Its golden spheres guide the prayer taught by Jesus; the prayer that makes us brothers and allows us to say: "Our Father...". From the artworks that compose the common heritage of the peligrims of Fatima, the rosary assumes the identity of the place where countless generations of pilgrims pray every day for the conversion of hearts, for peace in the worls and for the Church of Christ: the medal shows the sculpture of the Angel, from Loca do Cabeço, that invites to adoration, and the sculpture of the Blesses Virgin of Fatima, venerated at the Chapel of the Apparitions, who asks human heart to be modelled on the heart of God; the Salve Regina bead ir markedwith the monogram of the Shrine of Fatima and with the precious crown of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima; the cross that ends the set evokes the High Cross of the Prayer Area of the Shrine of Cova da Iria. Copyright: Shrine of Fatima Conception: Leitão & Irmão, Antigos Joalheiros da Coroa, Lda. Consulting: Cristiano Saraiva, Marco Daniel Duarte Production: Eva Santiago
Caderno de anotações com a imagem de Nossa Senhora de Fátima. Capa em poliéster e folhas lisas.
Tamanho: A5
Bloco A5 com a imagem de São Francisco Marto. Capa em poliéster e folhas lisas.
Bloco A5 com a imagem de Santa Jacinta Marto. Capa em poliéster e folhas lisas.
Notebook with the image of Our Lady of Fatima
Additional features: hard cover and elastic band, no lines
Colour: Silver (cover)
Size: A6
Boné Azul
Boné Azul
1,20€ 1,50€
Boné azul para criança.
Tamanho: Único (ajustável com velcro)
Cor: Azul
Material: poliéster
Boné Peregrinação das Crianças
1,20€ 1,50€
White hat for children with color print design.
Size: Single (adjustable with velcro)
Color: White
Material: polyester

Within the official line, we also have some products for children, such as mugs, bottles, pens, pencils, ribbons, key rings, notebooks, cases and bracelets, but also a more general range, aimed at adults, such as fans, rosary pads, coin holders or t-shirts.