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I.H.M . fiber 45 cm

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Model of Immaculate Heart of Mary: plastic fiber, golden metal halo, design embroidered dress, cloud under feet, wood imitation base.
The model of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a replica of the original sculpture found at the Convent of St. Theresa in Coimbra, where Sister Lucia lived, made after her description of the apparition of June 1917, shows a red heart, encircled by thorns, over the chest, from which radiate red flames; the hands are open (the left hand turned up and the right one turned down); it doesn't wear a crown, but, instead, a halo (which can be lighted). It wears a white tunic with a star at the bottom and a white mantle embroidered with gold; it also wears a gold necklace with a globe, which represents the world.
Weight 2,10 Kg