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"Do not be afraid": Confidence, a Christian style of inhabiting the world

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Coordination: Isabel Varanda e Alfredo Teixeira

Texts: Virgílio Antunes; Marta Fernández; Giovanni Cesare Paggazzi; José Frazão Correia; Salvatore Perrella; et al.

Edition: Santuário de Fátima

Year: 2014

Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm

Pagess: 430

Legal Deposit: 381546/14

ISBN: 978-972-8213-98-5

What fears are they afraid of? What reasons can the contemporary world have for trust? From where does it flow, where does it go, where is the possible trust rooted in a startling world?

In fact, the world and our society are in a state of gloom and daze of hope. There is a general lack of orientation that leaves people in the existential loneliness of those who lose their sense of life and provoke contradictory reactions: apathy, discouragement, social coldness and insensitivity or even loss of hope for a future.
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